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Strive Business Solutions
Shanakiel House

Strive Business Solutions began with one goal - making life easier for small business. We know first hand the trials & tribulations small businesses face day to day, whether it be website problems, process issues or any of the other things sent to test us. We will always look for the best solution for you, long term, so you can focus on what matters. There are many advantages in outsourcing non-core activities, such as bookkeeping, administration, social media platform management, as well as SEO management.

1. Outsourcing saves you time that can be spent focusing on the core functions of your business, such as increasing sales.
2. One of the biggest advantages of outsourcing is seeing a reduction in overhead costs.
3. Saves you money on technology and infrastructure. Strive Business will take on the responsibility for the business processes, and therefore develop the infrastructure for the same.
4. You and your business gain access to the expertise and knowledge of a professional.
5. Outsourcing can also help with increasing efficiencies within the business. As Strive Business learn all about your business, they will advise wherever possible ways to increase efficiencies.

Strive Business Solutions are a niche company in that they can assist your business for whatever you may need at the time, whether it is updates to your website, long term bookkeeping or even just a dig out with credit control or typing up quotations for your potential customers.

The team here all have individual skills which you will have full access to, and we don't turn our phones off, so we are always here when you need us!
Strive Business Solutions