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My Bookkeeper Bill

94 James Nisbet Street
G21 2LH
07960 396 078

For the small and medium sized business, bookkeeping can: ?Detract from those business operations which generate your income. ?Be a drain upon the company resources if hiring an employee, even part time. ?Require specialist knowledge. ?Require specific training and expertise, particularly with the ever more dependence upon Information Technology finance has. By accepting my services as a Bookkeeper, you will: ?Spend more time doing what you do best, carrying out the business operations which generate your income. ?Not have to keep up with the latest legislation. ?Not have to keep up with the latest technology (software and hardware). ?Not have to worry if that customer has paid or if that supplier was paid. ?Not have to panic as you do not know if you have sufficient funds to meet imminent or future business needs. ?Not to have the financial and record keeping burden of employing an individual as a bookkeeper i.e. PAYE; Holiday Pay; Sick Pay; Maternity / Paternity Pay. ?Not having to seek an individual who is willing to work only a few hours a week or month. ?Have accurate management and financial reports to hand to base your business strategy and decisions upon. ?Have accurate debtor and creditor reports to hand to plan your business finance. ?Have the comfort of mind that you are paying accurate amounts to HMRC i.e. VAT and PAYE, on time. ?Avoid penalties often associated with poor bookkeeping i.e. late payment charges and interest on underpayments to the HMRC. ?Have a backup and document archives for six years. ?Have customisable media that can reflect your company image. ?Have a variety of reports, in various media e.g. paper, CD or an electronically transmittable format (Word, Excel etc), available at short notice for your own use or to be sent to another organisation e.g. HMRC. ?Have a Certified Bookkeeper and the piece of mind this entails. Although, there are self employed Bookkeepers out there who offer most of the above, I k...

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